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We have representation before local courts, including DFFC courts, and the ability to exercise local laws for all state courts.

International Litigation

Representation of local and foreign companies, financial institutions and government and semi-governmental bodies in the DIFC courts and abu dhabi international market courts

Financial crimes

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Advisory and white-collar crime litigation services for a wide range of clients, including financial institutions, government-owned entities, multinational corporations, high-net-worth individuals and family businesses.
Instructions often come to our financial crimes team from international law firms, multinational corporations, government-owned entities, high-net-worth individuals and family businesses who understand that we have the capacity and experience to provide their clients with the best local legal advice and assistance in the region.

Labor Law

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Provide specialized and relevant legal advice to multinational companies, government-owned entities and local companies working in transactions, day-to-day employee relationships, advice and litigation on employment within the public and private sectors.



Accredited by leading brokerage institutions. They are available to act as intermediaries in a wide range of business and corporate disputes, including shareholder disputes, property disputes, construction and engineering disputes, financial services, commodities and insurance. We provide mediation services in Both Arabic and English.

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