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ياسر حسين

باحث قانوني

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Delegate to Ras Al Khaimah Court
Proficiency in writing legal memoranda and managing cases and case files
Work to follow up all cases and decisions on the electronic system of the court
Record and record all types of cases on the electronic court system
Experience in all civil and personal status cases as well as auditing and reviewing legal documents and drafting legal contracts.
He worked in many law firms in the Arab Republic of Egypt for a long time



  • Judicial Transactions
  • Business and Corporate Laws
  • Labor Law and Labor Cases
  • Financial issues
  • Rental Disputes
  • estates
  • civil


Memberships & Studies:

  • Mr. Yasser Ahmed Hussein graduated from the Faculty of Law in 2005
  • He holds a Master’s degree in Civil Law in 2016
  • Member of the Egyptian Bar Association since 2007