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Dr. Al Sabhan Legal Group Advocates and Legal Consultants considers Real Estate the core of our legal practice. Our attorneys have unparalleled expertise in the local real estate market of Dubai, with extensive experience advising on every aspect of real estate law – from acquisition of land and procurement of real estate financing – to successful recovery of high-value property investments through conclusion of private settlements or institution of formal legal proceedings.
The Firm works closely with its clients to identify the best solutions to their real estate concerns by offering them a full range of legal services as part of our Real Estate practice, including:
  • Dispute Resolution with legal representation for Litigation and Arbitration of real estate disputes in all local tribunals at any stage of the legal proceedings.
  • Drafting of all types of real estate documents, including Sale and Purchase Agreements and Commercial & Residential Leases.
  • Formation and management of Owners’ Associations, including drafting of JOP Declarations, with advisory services for compliance with local strata law.
  • Licensing and registration of developers and projects in accordance with local real estate laws, with advisory services for acquisition of land, procurement of permits, and establishment of escrow accounts in compliance with local regulations.
  • Advisory services for procurement of real estate financing and professional legal assistance with all types of sales, leases and purchases.
  • Management of short-term and long-term leasing arrangements on behalf of landlords, with dispute resolution services for rental disputes between landlords and tenants.

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