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what we are expert at

Legal Practice Areas


The group includes the largest scientific qualifications of licensed lawyers who have the right to plead in the UAE in front of all courts at all levels and in all legal matters…

Companies Establishment

The group offers its services to help international companies enter the UAE market, especially the promising emirate of Dubai …


The Group has a high ability in arbitration cases locally and internationally. We represent all our clients in all commercial and civil disputes according to the local law …

Intellectual Property

The Group represents clients in the field of intellectual property rights:
Trademarks, Patents, Copyright and related rights…


Contract Management The Group specializes in the drafting of contracts of all types. It believes that contracts…

Real Estate

The beautiful nature of Dubai and the United Arab Emirates from Sands, Bahr and Sama Net has contributed to a major property…


Insurance is the modern means of dealing with risks and the effects of what is exposed to the human being and the money…

International Center for Training and Studies (ICTS)

The management of the group believes that the best investment is to develop the mentality and legal capabilities of its employees…

Dar Alsabhan

About Dar Alsabhan for Publishing and Distribution. The group aims to be a scientific source specialized in various laws, so…

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