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Attorney Othman Al Shamsi

Ras Al Khaima Branch Manager & Board Member



Lawyer Othman Al Shamsi was interested in enriching his knowledge in law by collecting knowledge in various types of technical knowledge, so she was educated by specialists in engineering, construction and contracting and in the accounting and auditing sector, and was deeply briefed on municipal procedures and the sequence of operations and their requirements, so he became a match in the discussion of experts in their work, correction and control, in order to preserve the interest of the clients


About lawyer Othman Al Shamsi

He has filed a large number of cases before state courts in civil, commercial, criminal and legal cases, and then merged his office with Al-Sabhan Legal Affairs Group since late 2021 and became director of its branch in Ras Al Khaimah

A year ago, he was able to join his colleagues and practice law, but he did not. He has recognized from the years of study that one of the conditions for touching the truth and truth of any issue on the table, especially if it is a technical issue, is the lawyer’s own understanding of the origin and objective elements of the conflict. It has been understood that in most cases before the Court, the Court itself resorts to the scarring of specialized expertise to enlighten it beyond understanding by virtue of its lack of jurisdiction.

Mr. Othman has special experience in disputes arising from contracting, engineering construction and accounting issues, as well as scrutinizing, reviewing and drafting legal contracts.


Qualifications and experience

  • Mr. Othman Abdullah Omran Al Shamsi graduated from Sharjah University – Faculty of Law in 2017
  • Mr. Othman Abdullah Omran Al Shamsi joined the law training course in 2018 and completed this course in 2019
  • Mr. Othman Al Shamsi has opened his own office since the beginning of 2020