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استشرنا الآن

ابراهيم الشاعر

مستشار قانوني

البريد الإلكتروني ebrahem.abugurair@alsabhanlegalgroup.com


Legal Counsel  of Dr. Al-Sabhan Legal Group

Drafting many regulations and memorandums in all branches of cases and courts according to their degrees as well as the drafting of many contracts, treaties and agreements

Working as legal advisor and lawyer for a group of companies in the Arab Republic of Egypt

Full familiarity with all the laws of the state and its amendments

Attend the meetings of the various judges and arbitration committees  and review the courts

Establishing a law firm in Arab Republic of Egypt in 2005 and has been involved in many cases of all kinds (criminal cases, civil cases, personal status and family issues, collection of funds, military courts, workers’ cases, State Council)

Achieved outstanding results in those cases and I have hundreds of documented private agencies.

Working as an agent and responsible for the legal affairs of several companies through my own office which is as follows

Previous agent and legal officer of the Eastern Pharmacists Productive Cooperative Society and responsible for contracting and collecting funds from 01/01/2009-30 January 2017

Previous agent of The Sunlight Shipping and Shipping Group and a special lawyer to its Chairman through my own office from 25/04/2012-30 January 2017


Previous agent at Al-Ikhlas Trading Company at the beginning of his career from 01/01/2003 – 30/12/2004 and I was responsible for collecting funds and concluding contracts.

Enrolled at the Bar Association on 06 December 2000 and trained in the major law firms of the Arab Republic of Egypt, “The Office of Dr. Najati Sanad”, professor and former head of the Criminal Law Department at Zagazig University.

Registered as primary counsel  on 30 December 2002 and then registered with the High Appeal and the Council of State on 30/01/2013

Contracts , legal agreements, memos and regulations drafting .

Full knowledge and competence in providing all legal advice  and providing defense and drafting of memorandums in the branches of law  and in different cases

Attend the meetings of the experience and in front of the different arbitration committees  and review the courts



  • Arbitration cases
  • Writing contracts and negotiations
  • Criminal cases of all kinds
  • Expert attendance
  • Studies and posts
  • Law degree since 1999



  • Holds a diploma in constructive communication and political communication
  • Certified legal counsel diploma.