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استشرنا الآن

هاني السيد عوض

مستشار قانوني

البريد الإلكتروني info@alsabhanlegalgroup.com


legal advisor in Egypt and UAE

Law firm from graduation date to 2004 in The Arab Republic of Egypt

Working as a lawyer through my own office from 1997 to 2004

Working as legal advisor and lawyer for a group of companies in the Arab Republic of Egypt

UAE law firm as legal adviser to an office in Abu Dhabi from 2004 to 2015

Legal Counsel, Dr. Al-Sabhan Legal Group

Consulting in writing regulations and newspapers of lawsuits and denials in all disciplines of law and all courts

Consulting in corporate establishment and all commercial and civil issues

The ability to develop work, lead groups and withstand the pressure of work

Consulting in legal advice and fee estimate

Consulting in training new lawyers and law firms

Consulting in teaching all branches of law

Consulting in legal matters for TV programs in Abu Dhabi

Consulting in criminal cases of all kinds



  • Arbitration cases
  • Writing contracts and negotiations
  • Criminal cases of all kinds
  • Expert attendance
  • Studies and posts
  • Licensed Lawyer since 1995