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Dr. Consultant Fahad Ibrahim Al Sabhan


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The group’s founder, Dr. Fahad Ibrahim Al-Sabhan, holds higher degrees in law and from prestigious universities, graduated from the Faculty of Sharia and Law from the United Arab Emirates University and holds a master’s degree and a Doctorate in Criminal Law from Cairo University in the Arab Republic of Egypt and held a number of public functions in the field of public prosecution in the Dubai judiciary, a working person, community activist and sports leader in Dubai.

Dr. Fahad has proven an excellent presence as a leading figure in the field of the judiciary and has given the UAE a lot in this field.

Dr. Fahad is a writer and poet with the Diwan al-Saaqa and has articles published in al-Bayan Daily and Echo magazine in the UNITED Arab Emirates, has several books and researches and supervised hundreds of researches in the field of law and literature and oversees a specialized legal publishing house and an international center for legal and administrative training.

  • 1986 Appointed deputy prosecutor in the Public Prosecutor’s Office
  • 1987 Appointed First Prosecutor of the Public Prosecutor’s Office
  • 1992 Acting Chief Prosecutor
  • 1992 Head of the Technical Office of the Attorney-General
  • 93.95 Amiri’s decree was issued appointing the first citizen prosecutor in the Dubai judiciary
  • 1995 Amiri decreed his appointment as the first citizen public defender for public prosecutions in the Dubai judiciary
  • 1996 1996 The Prosecution of the  Court of Cassation in Dubai
  • 1991-1999 Acting Attorney General, Attorney General of Dubai during the absence of the Attorney General during this period
  • 1999 Decree No. 5 of 1999 was issued against him by appointing him the first citizen judge of the Court of Appeal in Dubai
  • 1999 Decision to appoint him chairman of the Board of Directors of Dubai Police College
  • 2000 Founded Dalsbahn Legal  Group for Law and Consulting (with five branches distributed to the UAE)
  • 2000 Professor of Criminal Law from 2000 to date at Dubai Police Academy
  • 2000 He became president of the Arab Organization for Admission and Registration of Arab Leagues in 2000
  • 2004 Appointed member of the Licensing and Disciplinary Committee of Lawyers in Ras Al Khaimah
  • 2005 Issued a princely decree from the Governor of Ras Al Khaimah appointed him secretary general of the Joint High Committee for Development and Investment Development between the Ras Al Khaimah Government and Dubai Islamic Bank
  • 2009 Appointed by ministerial decree as a member of the Scientific Council of the Federal Judicial Institute
  • 2011 Awarded first-class Medal of Honor by decision of Dubai Police Chief
  • 2011 Awarded (Badge of Appreciation) from the first class in recognition of his remarkable excellence in his work, and for the distinguished services he provided and achieved a good reputation for Dubai Police, pursuant to the provisions of Law No. (10) of 1997 by a decision of His Excellency Lt. Col. Dahi Khalfan Bin Tamim, Commander-in-Chief of Dubai Police

He was sentenced to 2016 by appointing him as a member of the Advisory Council of the  Faculty of Law of emirates University

Under an agreement signed with the Legislation Committee and by a government commission, he is  supervised by the review of government legislation issued by the Government of Dubai

Seminar “Limits to Freedom in the Media” at The Oriental Academy

“Cybersecurity” seminar at trend research and studies center

A course for the Military Justice Department of the Dubai Police General Command entitled “Disciplinary Accountability System” presented to lawyers before the military judiciary

Speech at a workshop in the Council of Ministers on the legal and security aspect  to support the uae’s vision in 2072


Academic field:

  • 1999 Ph.D. from Cairo University for his research “In the Controls  of the Judicial Competence of the UAE” comparative study
  • 1995 He received his master’s degree in criminal law from Mansoura University in the Arab Republic of Egypt on his letter ” Questioning the accused” and was discussed as the first letter to be discussed and awarded her degree in the history of this university
  • 1994 Received his General Diploma in Graduate Studies from the Arab Republic of Egypt
  • 1986 Bachelor’s degree from the Faculty of Sharia and Law from the United Arab Emirates University, 6th class



He gave a series of lectures, the most important of which are: a lecture in the central military region entitled “Drugs facts about them” and “The concept and role of the  public prosecutor in society”, a lecture at the Jordanian Judicial Institute in Amman on “the judicial system of the Public Prosecutor’s Office in the UAE” and a lecture by students of the Faculty of Sharia and Law at the University of the Emirates on “the basic guarantees of the accused during interrogation”

Participated in several legal seminars within, such as the seminar “Human Rights” held at the Cultural Complex in Abu Dhabi, the Seminar of the Faculty of Sharia and Law, under the title “Towards a unified legal and legal policy” and a seminar on “Family, Duties and Rights” organized by the Faculty of Sharia and Law at Emirates University from 1992 to 1995

Participated in the first Arab Conference on Medical Responsibility held on 09-04-2009 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, which is hosted by one of the  sessions of this conference

Actively participated in the second conference of medical responsibility for ( legal protection from medical errors) with scientific research on (criminal liability of doctors in the course of their work) under the auspices of the Dubai Police Academy from 28,29 November 2012

The judicial delegation sent by the Attorney General of Dubai at the direction of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai, headed the Minister of Defense to the United States of America, the French Republic and the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, and participated in the delegation of the Judicial Institute to the Arab  Republic of Egypt during  the period from 1994 to 1996.

Chaired one of the sessions of the scientific symposium entitled “The role of arbitration in sustainable development” at the Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry on 26-03-2013

Delivered a lecture entitled The Judicial System of the United Arab Emirates at the Judicial Institute of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

He gave a scientific lecture at the Russian Prosecutor General’s Office  in Moscow



  • Resarch for one spouse’s testimony over the other
  • Research into the basic guarantees of those held in pretrial detention in UAE criminal legislation
  • Research into precautionary alternatives  to the restricted punishment of freedom
  • Research on the procedural aspect of uae juvenile law
  • Research on the substantive aspect of UAE juvenile law
  • Research on the philosophy of legal thought during its various stages of development
  • Study on the proposed amendments to the Federal Penal Code  of 1987
  • Research entitled Ways to Appeal Sentences
  • Literary literature
  • His poetry diwan entitled Scream was issued on 09-06-1996
  • A collection of literary articles published in the Uae’s Al SADAA and Statement magazine