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استشرنا الآن

أحمد علي

باحث قانوني

ahmed.a@alsabhanlegalgroup.com  البريد الإلكتروني 


Work at Dr. Al-Sabhan Legal Group and Associates since 2014 to date.
Works on all systems of the courts of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and Al Ain and the systems of the federal courts.
Follows up with all cases and decisions using the court system Register and register all types of cases on the court system.
Reporting and registering all types of claims.
POA registration and all related transactions of the notary public.
Judicial warnings registration and follow up.
Appeals registration and follow up.
Petitions whether (reservation reservations, travel bans or any kind of urgent orders).
Registration of all case types, grievances, petitions and appeals at the Attorney General.
Prepare and draft all judicial warnings in preparation for their registration.
Prepare and formulate all commercial performance orders in preparation for their registration.
Preparation and drafting of implementation regulations.
Prepare and draft all electronic applications in front of the Execution Department and submit them on the system.
Preparing reports on the cases of clients and persons.
Preparing invoices for office fees and sending them to companies and persons.
Work on the system of deposits of trust for cases and executions and pay all fees for cases.
Communicate with all bailiffs, competent staff and secretaries in all courts.



  • Judicial Transactions
  • Business and Corporate Laws
  • Labor Law and Labor Cases
  • Financial issues
  • Rental Disputes
  • estates
  • civil

Memberships and Studies:

  • Bachelor of Management Systems and Information 2013, very good grade with honors