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استشرنا الآن

Attorney Abdulrahman Al Sabhan

Vice President


Mr. Abdul Rahman Al-Sabhan is Vice President of Dr. Al-Sabhan Legal Group

He joined Dr. Al-Sabhan Legal Group from 2010 until he became vice president of the group.

Mr. Abdul Rahman proved the high abilities and qualifications supported by the best means of knowledge, knowledge and practical training before joining the group, which qualified him to perform in a balanced way in the arenas of justice by answering his duties assigned to him administratively



  • Experience in court proceedings
  • Experience in drafting legal contracts
  • Writing notes and requests
  • Extensive management experience


Studies and Contributions:

  • Bachelor of Sharia and Law, University of Sharjah 2013
  • Member of the International Training and Studies Centre Team  – Dubai
  • Lawyer trained for one year at the Federal Judicial Institute 2013-2014
  • Federal and local court lawyer since 2014
  • One-year lawyers’ course at the Institute of Training and Judicial Studies
  • Expert “Corruption and its impact on job training”, from the International Center for Training and Studies, delivered by international lecturer Consultant/ Wadih Hanna, Legal Advisor to the Minister of Culture
  • Expert in “Electronic Signature, Electronic Transactions and Case of Evidence” at the  International Center for Training and Studies delivered by the International Lecturer, Consultant / Ali – Vice President of the Institute
  • Expert in technical pleading techniques in court