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When I moved from my judicial work as the Public Prosecutor to academic teaching field after a long history, I turned right and left looking for myself again to achieve similar success. I found the givens in my hands, which is to go to wide horizons of work, but in the opposite direction.
The opposite trend was the idea of creating the first legal group in the country of this size and diversity. The idea was not improvised, nor was it just the pursuit of material and the glamour of private work.
I set a date for the launch and a form of this group contrary to what was mainstream. My theme was (quality and excellence) and so I launched and established my legal group which included under its flag a group of specialists in all different areas of law. While I am operating it to reach the space, I hope to offer the best and finest for everyone who knocks on my door willing to gain legal aid.
Counselor Dr. Fahad Ibrahim Al Sabhan
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    Search Research program and YouTube channel - produced by the group in partnership with the International Center for Training and Studies

    Search Research channel, in which we review the most prominent topics that occupy the Arab world and provoke public reactions, and we open the way to clarify different points of view and exchange views on a specific topic subject to disagreement, to finally reach a meeting point, and we explain and interpret the laws, and we offer a training program to learn how to benefit from it in life. Scientific and practical, and we also summarize the books that you will definitely benefit from, even with information.

    Search Research | Episode 1 | Season 1 (English Subtitles Available)

    Search Research | Episode 2 | Season 1 (English Subtitles Available)

    An introductory video for Search Research channel / channel that will be source of your information

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