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International Center for Training and Studies (ICTS)

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International Center for Training and Studies (ICTS)

The management of the group believes that the best investment is to develop the mentality and legal capabilities of its employees. Therefore, it has established a specialized center for training and studies which means qualifying the legal cadres inside and outside the country through specialized courses, conferences and seminars.

Some  of the areas covered:

  • Training Administration
  • Management of studies
  • Legal
  • Accounts

Our Process

1. About

Since its inception, the center has been keen on creating an efficient human being, as the human resource and the degree of his competence have become the decisive factor for achieving progress. Therefore, the center seeks to be a distinct and integrated model in the field of training with the help of the expertise of a group of the most important consultants and administrative developers with capabilities and expertise Those with distinguished capabilities and experiences to achieve the highest levels in this field and we will keep pace with the market requirements and trends of the country, and also we will keep pace with modern theories in training through (simulation – role play – visual presentations – games and training activities – discussion sessions – case studies – questionnaires) to ensure access The most beneficial results from the training return, as the center puts the utmost attention to the quality of work, mastery and raising efficiency to ensure the progress of the training process, development and growth in various fields.

2. Vision

To be one of the leading accredited and distinguished training centers in the Arab world, which contribute and rely on as a strategic partner in developing human capital, to be in the ranks of developed countries and to have leadership in the field of training in general, hoping to reach an internationally recognized position.

3. Message

Spreading knowledge and knowledge, developing the skills of trainees and providing them with new skills in order to help them face the new, advanced and changing challenges and difficulties of work, and to provide training services that are characterized by modernity, distinction and credibility in all professional fields.
Raising performance in various training fields, developing and training human resources to raise their productive capabilities and contribute to opening investment markets for individuals through training them in managing small projects.

4. Goals

Providing individuals with new skills by offering new training programs and courses that help in developing their competencies in line with progress and modern development.
– Transferring experiences, whether at the local or international level, to trainees.
– The link between the academic and field dimensions of the trainees.
Development of advanced scientific studies and research.

Our modern training philosophy

Maintaining that all courses are up to date and focus on the knowledge and abilities required for work.
Use of programmed training games.
Attractive and enjoyable training environment and the use of new types of practices in the training rooms.
Fully preparedness is a principle for us and not only providing the required professional skills and knowledge.
High quality of training.
Professional trainers with high experience.
We give those who graduate from our programs the tools to achieve growth and advancement. Our primary focus is to provide the most comprehensive training and education with courses of study that are practical and designed to meet their business needs.
We grant international certificates accredited by international institutions.
We adhere to professional standards at work and ethical standards in all our internal and external dealings.

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