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Banking and financial services

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We advise on a full range of banking and financial matters

Capital markets

Our size and geographical coverage allow us to provide highly specialized industry advice and fully serve our clients in the capital markets as their needs such as employment, taxes, regulation, intellectual property and dispute resolution progress.
Our corporate structuring teams and specialized taxes can also provide optimal solutions for any restructuring prior to the transaction.
Help with corporate governance, continuing regulatory requirements, mergers and acquisitions, stock options plans and fund-raising

File The Case To The Court

This enables us to provide the most cost-effective, practical and business advice while ensuring that our clients’ legal objectives are met
Providing a legal product in accordance with international standards ensures that our customers have practical and effective results applicable in the MIDDLE East and North Africa countries.
Commercial and distribution agencies, including all types of concession arrangements.
We have strong relationships with various local regional regulatory authorities that allow us to keep up with developments.
General Commercial and Commercial Consultancy
Distribution agreements and distributors
Commercial agencies
Terms and conditions of purchases and sales
Manufacturing and supply agreements
Advisory Agreements
ID and referral agreements
Storage agreements
Lease, lease and maintenance agreements
Non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements (NDAs)
Memorandums of Understanding


Interact closely with antitrust authorities
Merger control systems
Our team also provides competition risk assessment and competition compliance training to companies operating in the region.

Merging and acquisitions

Key courses of action in the M&A legal process, including transaction negotiation and transaction documents, due diligence and disclosure deductions, pre-closing restructuring, regulatory approvals, and closing of transactions for both stock and asset transactions.

Corporate structuring

Structuring and restructuring companies and specialize in designing and implementing custom and law-compliant corporate structures

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