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Federal Authority for Human Resources on the amendment of weekly working days

Today we will move away from touching on the legal aspect and we will talk about a decision that has been the talk of people and the public street in the past few days, namely the decision issued by the Federal Authority for Human Resources on the amendment of weekly working days and the amendment of the weekend. It is no secret to you that most of the countries of the world adopt Saturday and Sunday as weekends, including many Arab and Islamic countries. There is no doubt that the United Arab Emirates, with its wise leadership and endless aspirations, and in implementation of its future plans, strives to reduce dependence on oil and its derivatives as the sole source of income on the national economy. The UAE is even striving to rely on the economy in all its forms and forms, which will give more prosperity and sustainable financial stability, which will naturally reflect positively on everyone who resides in this blessed country. It was therefore self-evident for the state to maintain and promote the stability of its national economy. There had to be a link with other global economies, banks and exchanges commensurate with the global situation. In addition, the coincidence of these days will increase financial flows between these countries and will increase commercial transactions, and will also save the state large amounts of money previously incurred by this state on the other hand, this decision will give a significant positive return on the government employee due to the adoption of a daily and a half weekend, which will allow the employee to achieve more of his life requirements such as measuring sports activities or practicing certain hobbies, in addition to spending more time with his children, family and owners, This will result in greater family cohesion and community cohesion, enhancing the quality of life of the UAE community. On the other hand, another question arises in this regard: does this decision have an impact on the private sector? As a general rule, the private sector has a law that is competent for it and regulates its own issues, which is the law regulating labor relations, so this decision will not include the private sector for several reasons, the most prominent of which is that the private sector enjoys its administrative independence and enjoys legal flexibility that allows it to estimate its interest and working hours, in addition to estimating its own economic interest, for this reason the private sector was excluded from this decision with the preservation of the employee’s right to a minimum of one day a week as a weekly leave.

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