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استشرنا الآن

Social scourge that is exposed to the basic building block of this society, the family. Any act,  statement, abuse, abuse or threat committed by a family member against another individual exceeds his or her jurisdiction, guardianship or authority and results in bodily, psychological, sexual or economic harm or harm. And the mother of either couple. Fourth, relatives by descent or marriage up to the fourth degree. This is generally family components. We address the types of domestic violence. And what are its images and forms. The Law specified four forms of domestic violence, starting with physical abuse and meaning any assault by any means on the body of the victim, although it left no trace, meaning that once beatings had occurred, images of physical violence might be achieved. Secondly, psychological abuse is intended for any act or statement that leads to psychological harm to the aggressor. In other words, a family member is called innocuous or diminished in his or her place in society, which will certainly generate considerable psychological and moral harm.

Thirdly, sexual abuse is intended for any act that constitutes assault or sexual harassment by the victim or by any means, such as the use of a female or child family member into matters of prostitution. Fourthly, economic abuse means any act that deprives the aggressor of his or her right or freedom to dispose of his or her money with the intention of harming him as a juvenile, for example, the victim’s money and acting without his or her permission for the special interest of the aggressor. This is on the one hand on the other. What mechanism has the legislator created to protect the family from such attacks? The law authorized the public prosecutor on its own or at the request of the aggressor to issue a protection order. This obliges the aggressor not to be exposed to the victim, in the sense that the order may avoid or remove the aggressor from engaging in a direct confrontation with the aggressor. Secondly, do not approach the premises established to protect the victim, i.e. this decision, for example, prevents the husband from assaulting the employer to which the wife works. Thirdly, to enable the victim to receive his personal belongings , while also preventing the aggressor from disposing of the private property of the victim. For example, the husband sells the wife’s gold without her knowledge to harm her, or to attack her private property, cars, etc. The protection order issued by the Public Prosecutor’s Office must not exceed 30 days and may be extended for two similar years by no more than 60 days.

If the period referred to in this article expires. The protection order shall be extended by a decision of the competent court for no more than six months, and both the aggressor and the aggressor may complain about the protection order within seven days of its issuance before the competent court. With regard to penalties, there are deterrent penalties for anyone who exceeds the protection order, as the article of this decree stipulates by law that anyone who violates the protection order shall be punishable by a maximum of three months’ imprisonment and a fine of not less than 1,000 dirhams and not more than 10,000 dirhams or one of these penalties. In accordance with the provisions of this decree by law, the penalty is doubled if the protection order is violated using any of the above-mentioned forms of violence. He is also punishable by up to six months’ imprisonment and a fine of not more than 5,000 dirhams or one of these penalties. Anyone who has committed any of the acts of domestic violence provided for in Article 5 of this Decree is law. Finally, the law required that before the case for domestic violence offences were disposed of, the Public Prosecutor’s Office should offer reconciliation to the victim in order to preserve the family’s reunification and remove it from the corridors and courtyards of the courts. This is the most prominent aspect of the law by decree, which carries with it a strengthening of the concept of social cohesion and an assessment of harmful behaviours against women, children and the family. In this regard, he quoted the hadith of the Messenger of God, all of you shepherds, and you are all responsible for his parish in the hope of meeting you in a new episode.

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